Faculty Portal

Offices Interfacing with Faculty

The Academy

The mission of the Academy at HMS is to advance the education of physicians and scientists throughout the Harvard Medical School community by:

  • Creating and supporting a community of leaders in education and a culture of excellence in teaching and learning
  • Stimulating and supporting the creation and implementation of innovative approaches to teaching, learning and assessment
  • Supporting educational research and scholarship in medical and graduate education

Link to Academy Programming

IRB Review Process & Education Scholarship

Educational Scholarship promotes scholarly research in medical education by:

  • Sponsoring a Fellowship in Medical Education Research
  • Fostering faculty development in research methodology and acting as a networking center for medical education research throughout the HMS community
  • Studying the impact of changes in pedagogy, curriculum and assessment on quality improvement in medical education
  • Serving as a resource for student research projects in medical education

Office of Faculty Affairs

The mission of the Office of Faculty Affairs is to support the recruitment, retention, academic advancement, and career satisfaction of our diverse faculty through education, service, communication, and timely recognition of scholarly achievement.

The Office of Faculty Affairs is responsible for the promotions and appointments processes at Harvard Medical School and Harvard School of Dental Medicine, works with committees that address faculty concerns, and serves as a resource for promotion and career-development issues. More info.

Office of Curriculum Services

Our mission is to create an optimum learning environment that enables faculty to teach the art and science of medicine in the most efficient and streamlined way possible. The curriculum services team partners with course/clerkship director(s) and core faculty. Each course is supported by a course manager, course coordinator and staff assistant. See the team structure and staff directory by course/clerkship (eCommons log in).

Course Director and Core Faculty Handbook

Program in Medical Education

The Program in Medical Education (PME) is the organizational structure for the education programs leading to the MD degree. Under the leadership of the Dean for Medical Education and the Associate Dean for Medical Education Planning and Administration, the PME oversees all aspects of medical education planning and policy. More info.

Learning Management

Online learning management system used by MD faculty to post course announcements, schedules, materials, assignments, quizzes, and scores. General inquiries about accessing Canvas may be directed to Education Computing.

Secure online data management system used by MD faculty for official evaluations and grades.

Tip: General questions about accessing OASIS, the system of record for evaluation in the PME, may be directed to Education Computing. All other inquiries about accessing evaluation data may be directed to Liz Peet.

Video platform that allows faculty to create and upload video content and integrate it into their Canvas pages.

HMS’s legacy learning management system for students in the graduating class of 2018 or earlier (succeeded by Canvas). Faculty can use MyCourses to post course announcements, schedules, materials, assignments, and grades.


Admission of Students

Established by the Faculty of Medicine on December 3, 1918 “to pass upon the admission of students and submit recommendations to the Faculty regarding questions that may arise regarding all matters relating to the entrance requirements and the submission of proper credentials.”

Educational Policy & Curriculum Committee (EPCC)

Curriculum working committees:
  • Pathways Preclerkship Subcommittee
  • HST MD Curriculum Subcommittee
  • Principal Clinical Experience (PCE) Subcommittee
  • Post-PCE Subcommittee
  • Assessment Subcommittee
Academic advising & performance committees:
  • Council of Academic Societies (CAS)
  • Promotion and Review Board (PRB)

Financial Aid for Medical Students

Established by the Faculty of Medicine on March 12, 1948, “to determine policies dealing with scholarship and loan funds and to administer such funds.”

The Committee on Financial Aid for Medical Students is comprised of faculty, students, and staff who discuss key financial aid matters (e.g., setting cost-of-attendance budgets, enacting financial-aid policies, and considering financial-aid appeals). Voting rights are reserved for faculty and student members of the Committee.

Promotion and Review Board

The HMS Promotion and Review Board (PRB) reviews student performance to ensure that each student in the MD program meets HMS’ rules governing promotion and satisfactory academic progress, standards of professional conduct and responsibility, and requirements for graduation. PRB members are appointed by the Dean for Medical Education and include basic science and clinical faculty who have demonstrated interest and involvement in medical student education. Ex officio members include the Dean for Medical Education, the Dean for Students, Academic Society faculty, the Registrar, the Director of Financial Aid, and other members of PME leadership. More info on Conduct and Responsibility. PRB membership (log-in required).