Educational Scholarship

Educational Scholarship works with faculty interested in pursuing scholarly activities related to medical education. As MD curriculum continues to evolve, many of our course and clerkship directors, as well as general teaching faculty are pursuing ideas to improve some aspect of student education.

We have found that the extra work required to transform an idea for making your teaching better into a scholarly project is often less than one might predict. With the support of the Associate Director for Education Research and the Evaluation and Assessment Senior Project Manager, Education Scholarship offers consultation to faculty focusing on:​​​​​

  • Developing a research question
  • IRB issues
  • Study design
  • Data collection
  • Statistical approaches
  • The writing process

We encourage faculty considering scholarly work in medical education to contact us to share your thoughts.

Educational Scholarship Review 

Studies that involve Harvard Medical School students and/or teaching faculty as study subjects or analysis of existing data related to HMS students require the approval of the Program in Medical Education (PME) Educational Scholarship Review Committee.