Program in Medical Education


Welcome to the Program in Medical Education (PME) at Harvard Medical School, the organizational structure housing education programs that lead to the MD degree. Under the leadership of the Dean for Medical Education and the Associate Dean for Medical Education Planning and Administration, the PME oversees all aspects of medical education planning and policy. We strive to empower our students, faculty, and alumni as they work together to transform the world of medicine.

Organizational Structure

Academic Units

The Dean for Medical Education serves as Chair of the Educational Policy and Curriculum Committee and oversees the five academic units of the Program—Admissions, the Academic Societies, the AcademyEducational Quality Improvement, and Student Affairs.

Administrative Functions

The Associate Dean for Medical Education Planning and Administration oversees the administrative functions of the Program—including Financial AdministrationCurriculum ServicesAdmissions, the Financial Aid Office, the Registrar’s Office, and the Academy—with the support of a team of senior administrators who work together to facilitate communication throughout the PME, develop administrative policies and procedures, and plan events and programs.

PME Administration