Registrar Services for Faculty

Create a New Course

HMS offers many elective courses to allow students a breadth of customizable options in addition to the set curriculum components of the MD program. Faculty members are welcome to propose new courses for consideration by submitting a request to the Registrar, as follows:

1. Send an email to registrar@hms.harvard.edu and provide a course title (the title can be updated during the online proposal submission process).

2. The HMS Registrar’s Office will respond by email with instructions for accessing the online course proposal template.

3. Once the course proposal has been submitted, the HMS Registrar’s Office will assign a reviewer for the proposed course. After the course is reviewed, the submitter will be contacted regarding next steps and course approval status.

Please see the process for submission, review and approval of new courses.  

To assist you in mapping your course objectives, please see the MD Program Objectives.