Registrar Services for Faculty


Update Your Contact Info

The Registrar’s Office must maintains current contact information for all faculty, including email address. HMS faculty should update their own contact information online and may refer to the self-service guide for instructions and links. Faculty teaching in Pathways or HST must update their information separately in Canvas, in addition to the universal update in MyCourses or eCommons.

Course Information


Advanced Electives DSA List


Create a New Course


HMS offers many elective courses to allow students a breadth of customizable options in addition to the set curriculum components of the MD program. Faculty members are welcome to propose new courses for consideration by submitting a request to the Registrar, as follows:

1. Email your request to registrar@hms.harvard.edu, and provide a proposed course title.

2. The Registrar’s Office will provide a link by email to the Course Proposal Template and a temporary course number to be used by the requestor when completing and submitting the template.

3. Once the template has been submitted, the Registrar’s Office will assign the proposed course to a reviewer. After the review, the requestor will be contacted regarding course approval status.

To assist you in developing your course proposal, here is a link to criteria for submission, review and approval.

To assist you in mapping your course objectives, here is a link to Mapping Program Level Objectives to Competencies.