Events & Programming


All faculty who teach in classroom or clinical settings at HMS are invited to participate in Medical Education Grand Rounds, the Annual Symposium on the Science of Learning, Interest Group Symposia and Workshops, Medical Education Day, and other faculty development-based sessions.

Current Events

Please see Academy Programming.

Standing Events

Medical Education Day

Medical Education Day consists of poster and technology presentations of both completed projects and works-in-progress related to the education of medical students, house staff, and faculty in the areas of curriculum development, assessment, faculty development, education research, or educational technology enhancements. The afternoon also features workshops, seminars, a plenary session and a keynote address. Read more.

Symposium on the Science of Learning

Two renowned guests discuss an overarching theme from a scientific standpoint. The theme, chosen by Academy leadership, is usually related to the theme being covered throughout the year. Read more.


Academy members committed to medical education can make a difference at HMS by participating in one of the Academy Interest Groups, which address the following:

  • Ideas for medical education grand rounds
  • Proposals for special Academy faculty development sessions
  • Proposals for new curricula or assessment procedures
  • Outreach to junior faculty in the hospital-based academies and centers for education.
  • Journal clubs focused on their topic


Medical Education Grand Rounds are a series of 1.5-hour monthly sessions during the academic year in which local and visiting speakers present on subtopics in medical education. Read more.


Faculty Development Workshops

Practice of Medicine (POM)
Foundational Continuity Clinic (FCC)
Primary Care Clerkship (PCC)

Interest Group Workshops

Interest Group workshops occur throughout the academic year and run for 1-2 hours. They serve as a platform to showcase what the groups have been working on throughout the year(s). They typically are interactive and more intimate than the Interest Group Symposia. 


The Academy Interest Group Symposia are organized by the Academy Interest Groups, run for 2-3 hours, and showcase what each particular interest group has been working on throughout the year(s). The layout of these symposia can be didactic, interactive, or both, depending on the interest group chairs’ preference.

Symposium on the Science of Learning (Annual)
Interest Groups (Multiple times per year)


HMS offers more than 200 live and online courses in continuing medical education. Read more.