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Student Council

The HMS/HSDM Student Council serves as the student government for both Harvard Medical School and the Harvard School of Dental Medicine. In addition to the Student Council, approximately 50 Council-approved student groups receive funding from monies allocated for this purpose to a central Student Council budget. The Council has developed guidelines and regulations to which its members and affiliated groups adhere. The Office of Student Affairs provides direct administrative and organizational support to the Council and other student organizations and is a liaison between these groups and the HMS and Harvard University administration.

Student Groups

There are multitudes of student groups at HMS, known as Student Interest Groups. As student interests change, new groups form and others disband. Starting up a new student group is very easy and is encouraged. In addition to the groups on the Longwood Campus, facilities and organizations on Harvard’s Cambridge campus are also open to medical students.

Students in the News

African American male in white coat kneeling on one knee

Field Correction: Race-based medicine, deeply embedded in clinical decision making, is being scrutinized and challenged

January 15, 2021
A young Black man arrives in the emergency room, doubled over in pain from a sickle cell crisis. “It’s an act,” says the attending physician dismissively. “I think he just wants drugs.” The attending refuses to prescribe the opioids he might give to a white patient in similar straits. Andrea Reid, MD ’88, associate dean for student and multicultural affairs for the  Program in Medical Education and director of the Office of Recruitment and Multicultural Affairs at Harvard Medical School, witnessed too many such scenes as a trainee in Boston-area hospitals in the 1980s and ’90s.

Care for Undocumented Immigrants

January 13, 2021

MD students’ telehealth initiative provides pandemic support: The severe pain and lengthy hospital stay could have been avoided, said Angela, an undocumented immigrant from Colombia, if only the application she had submitted to receive Charity Care in New Jersey two months earlier had been approved, or if just one of the nearly 70 follow-up calls she made had been returned.

LaShyra Nolen

Member Making a Difference Nov-Dec 20202 LaShyra Nolen

December 4, 2020
LaShyra Nolen has packed a lot into her first 15 months as a medical student. Elected president of her Harvard Medical School (HMS) Class of 2023, which by Harvard tradition also meant she presided over the Student Council as a first-year student, Nolen became the first Black woman on record to hold the position.
William Augustus Hinton. Image: Stephen Coit

From Portraits to Role Models - Why We Need Black Physicians in Academic Medicine

December 3, 2020
Early in my medical school career, before I became accustomed to the marble buildings and grandiose paintings of physicians on the walls, I attended the unveiling of a new portrait. Depicting William Hinton, a Black physician known for groundbreaking work in syphilis treatment, the addition garnered attention from faculty and students alike. We stood in the large room, surrounded by portraits of mostly White physicians, as Hinton’s image was revealed.
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