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The HMS/HSDM Student Council serves as the student government for both Harvard Medical School and the Harvard School of Dental Medicine. In addition to the Student Council, approximately 50 Council-approved student groups receive funding from monies allocated for this purpose to a central Student Council budget. The Council has developed guidelines and regulations to which its members and affiliated groups adhere. The Office of Student Affairs provides direct administrative and organizational support to the Council and other student organizations and is a liaison between these groups and the HMS and Harvard University administration.

Student Groups

There are multitudes of student groups at HMS, known as Student Interest Groups. As student interests change, new groups form and others disband. Starting up a new student group is very easy and is encouraged. In addition to the groups on the Longwood Campus, facilities and organizations on Harvard’s Cambridge campus are also open to medical students.

Students in the News

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Like No Other

August 6, 2020

“Your journey here begins in extraordinary times,” said Dean George Q. Daley, acknowledging the uncertainty, and even anxiety, that this year’s incoming Harvard medical and dental students may be feeling as they begin their studies remotely this month, in the midst of a global pandemic.

Daley’s remarks came during the dean’s welcoming address to members of the Harvard Medical School and Harvard School of Dental Medicine Class of 2024 on Aug. 3. Gathering via teleconference, they were joined by fellow classmates located all around the...

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Erythema Migrans on Skin of Different Colors

Medical Education Is Missing the Bull’s-eye

June 25, 2020
Moving through the world as a black woman, I am accustomed to not being represented as “the norm.” Everything from the hue of the Band-Aids that cover my wounds to the heroes in the movies I watch makes me acutely aware of my deviation from what is typical and expected: I am black and female, whereas the world represented around me is often white and male. For me and for many members of minority groups in the United States, this realization does not come as an epiphany but is instead an essential fact that we must come to understand to navigate the world in which we live. It was not until I... Read more about Medical Education Is Missing the Bull’s-eye
Students and faculty members at HMS held a die-in in 2014. David L. Ryan, The Boston Globe.

Police brutality is our lane too, doctors say.

June 5, 2020

Last week we found ourselves sharing yet again — first with anger, then with despair — the story and horrific images of another black life being stolen by police brutality.

We tried to focus on our routine activities, like preparing coffee to help us get through another day in the hospital. Our hearts were heavy, our minds racing.

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