Student Emergency Aid Fund

Please consider making a gift to the Student Emergency Aid Fund, which is assisting students who require emergency assistance for travel, housing, health care, etc., during this time. Use the donate online button below and select “Student Emergency Aid Fund” in the “Select a Fund” drop-down menu or include this fund name on the memo line of a check and follow the mailing instructions below.

Since 1782, Harvard Medical School has set the standard for medical education throughout the world. Ensuring access to education is fundamental to our mission. Together, we can lift the debt burden so that the best and brightest students, who will infuse the pipeline of tomorrow’s experts and innovators, will continue to choose Harvard Medical School.

In addition, HMS has embarked on a transformation of our medical education space to ensure that we equip and enable our graduates to design innovative solutions to the complex and evolving challenges in health care and medicine.

Ways to Give


Visit the secure online gift form and select “Financial Aid & Education” in the “Select a Fund” drop-down menu.

Donate Online

By check

Make payable to Harvard Medical School, including a note with your full name, address, and phone number, and mail to:

Harvard Medical School
Alumni Affairs and Development
P.O. Box 419720
Boston, MA 02241-9720

Please write “Financial Aid & Education” on the memo line.

How to Make an Impact

Supporting Financial Aid

The cost of attendance should never prevent the most promising students from choosing Harvard Medical School.

HMS provides generous financial assistance packages of scholarships, fellowships, and loans, but the demand for these funds is growing. Currently, 80% of our MD students—more than ever before—require need-based aid. As a result, the average debt at graduation is $100,000.

We must help these stellar students graduate with less debt so that they have the flexibility to pursue any medical field where their contribution will be greatest, including public service.

We are committed to raising new scholarship and fellowship funds to support more robustly every HMS student with demonstrated need. Increasing student access to financial assistance will help uphold our twin values of need-blind admissions and need-based aid as we train each new generation of leaders.

Opportunities to make an impact

Contributing to financial aid offers one of the greatest returns on investment by making HMS accessible and affordable for all admitted students. Scholarships and fellowships offer naming opportunities in perpetuity (for endowed funds) or for immediate use.

Make an online gift to support financial aid »

Examples of endowment and naming opportunities include:


Support one year of tuition for an individual medical student


Endow an MD scholarship fund or graduate fellowship fund


Endow the annual tuition of one MD student each year in perpetuity


Support one year of tuition for all need-eligible students in an entire MD class (approximately 120 students)


Support the complete medical education of 95 MD students by providing full-tuition, need-based scholarships

Gifts of any amount

Put to immediate use to support financial aid

Transforming Educational Spaces

The pace of change in medical science and practice continues to accelerate. It is Harvard Medical School’s responsibility to build and foster an environment that is reflective of this dynamism, responsive to student needs, and centered on patient-care skills.

HMS has embarked on a transformation of its medical education space to ensure that we can equip and enable our graduates to design innovative solutions to the complex and evolving challenges in health care and medicine.

The learning spaces recently transformed in Tosteson Medical Education Center include:

Clinical Skills Center exam room. Image: Grace Fehrenbach

Clinical Skills Center

This 7,500 sq. ft. state-of-the-art facility includes 18 exam rooms, 10 of which have moveable walls that convert into five large patient-simulation rooms equipped with wireless mannequins. The center’s advanced learning and teaching technology enables students to practice treating patients and hone skills before entering the hospital setting.

Academic Society Suites include a learning studio, classroom and lab. Images: Grace Fehrenbach

Learning Suites

Suites designed to help students build community and learn collaboratively. Suites feature a large classroom with flexible seating, a damp laboratory for hands-on learning, and an additional interactive learning room for patient simulation and more.

Anatomy Loft space. Image: Bethany Versoy

Anatomy Skills Loft

The technological upgrades to this space facilitate a continuum of anatomy related learning, including dissection, prosection, and virtual anatomy. Additionally, new self-study rooms provide access to virtual anatomy programs, complementing dissection in adjacent labs.

Opportunities to make an impact

Support for the Medical Education Building Revitalization Fund transforms learning spaces to incorporate new educational technologies and tools needed to prepare the next generation of leading physicians.

Make an online gift to help transform learning spaces »

Examples of naming opportunities include:


Name an individual study room


Name a small group study room, the faculty touchdown room, or meeting room

Starting at $50,000

Name a tutorial room or classroom


Name a simulation room or orientation room


Name the multimedia observation hub or a clinical skill suite


Name the student study and collaboration center


Name the clinical skills center

Sold Out    

Name a clinical skills center examination room


Name a large learning studio

Anatomical Gift Program

Every year, HMS needs anatomical donations for the education of medical and dental students, postgraduate physicians, and students of related disciplines. Private donation is the only source of Harvard Medical School’s anatomical gifts. Any person of sound mind who is over 18 years of age can register to donate his/her body for education, research, and the advancement of medical and dental science or therapy (Chapter 113, §§ 7-14 of the General Laws of Massachusetts). There is no age limit for those who wish to donate. Donations can be made through the Anatomical Gift Program.