The Academy

Welcome to the Academy at Harvard Medical School. Housed in the Program in Medical Education’s Office of Educational Quality Improvement (OEQI), The Academy supports the broad HMS community’s medical and medical science educators and facilitates the development of faculty, trainees, and students interested in and involved in medical and medical science education. The Academy’s role is to develop, support and sustain a diverse, inclusive community of leaders in education and a culture of excellence in teaching, learning and educational scholarship.

For information on how to request an IRB-exemption for an educational QI project or approval to issue a survey to HMS students or faculty, please visit the HMS Educational Scholarship page.

Meet the Academy faculty and staff 


The Academy aims to advance the education of physicians and scientists throughout Harvard Medical School by aligning with HMS’s program in medical education to:

  1. Support HMS’s educational community
  2. Foster the careers of educators in medicine and science
  3. Provide educational programming 
  4. Stimulate educational innovations 
  5. Support educational research and scholarship


The Academy’s membership includes faculty, trainees, and students who currently serve in an educational role. Please visit our membership page to learn more about the multiple pathways to membership.

Events and Programming

The Academy hosts regular seminars and major symposia on topics of interest to medical and medical science educators including:

  • Medical Education Grand Rounds
  • The Symposium on the Science of Learning
  • Medical Education Day

We welcome all members of the HMS community to attend Academy symposia and medical education grand rounds.


The HMS Academy runs two Fellowship Programs that provide physician-educators with dedicated time and mentoring over the course of the academic year to increase their knowledge of educational principles, to improve their skills as teachers and to pursue a scholarly project in medical education.

  • The HMS Academy Medical Education Fellowship
  • The HMS Academy Fellowship in Medical Education Research

Innovation Groups

The Academy houses 13 Innovation Groups that align with HMS’s program in medical education to the build community and create programming and scholarly outputs.

The Journal of the HMS Academy (JHMSA)

The Journal of the Harvard Medical School Academy serves the Harvard Medical School educational community through discourse about medical education scholarship, innovation, perspectives, opportunities, challenges, and best practices. This triannual online publication is co-created by faculty and students to share perspectives from educators, researchers, trainees, students, from within HMS, nationally and internationally.  We hope that this journal fosters community, curiosity, connectedness and compassion.

Current Issue

Educational Scholarship

The Office of Educational Scholarship provides guidance and consultation for HMS-affiliates pursuing educational research involving HMS students and faculty. Under the direction of Dr. Richard Schwartstein, MD, the office works in close collaboration with the Longwood Campus Institutional Review Board (IRB) and The PME Educational Scholarship Review Committee to screen relevant research proposals for scientific merit, alignment with HMS curricular priorities, and the level of research burden on students. This office also determines whether a study is considered Educational Quality Improvement (QI) vs research for IRB purposes.

All studies that involve Harvard Medical School students and/or teaching faculty as study subjects or analysis of existing data related to HMS students and/or teaching faculty require the approval of the Program in Medical Education (PME) Educational Scholarship Review Committee. Consultation is available for faculty who wish to have their survey reviewed prior to submitting a proposal.

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