Policies & Resources

Policies & Resources for Exclerks

Visiting students are subject to the same rules and regulations that apply to Harvard Medical Students. Violation of any school policy may result in immediate withdrawal from the Exchange Clerkship Program. Please refer to the HMS Student Handbook for detailed policies.

No tuition refunds will be issued in the case of dismissal.

Continued participation in clerkships is contingent upon satisfactory performance, fund of knowledge, English proficiency, and professional behavior.


Scheduling Policies

FERPA Annual Notice to Students

HIPAA Training: Ensuring Privacy for our Patients

Student Mistreatment Policies and Procedures and Mistreatment Reporting Hotline

Standard Precautions

Medical Care for Exclerks

All visiting students are required to be covered by health insurance in order to participate in HMS rotations.

Visiting students are not eligible to seek care through Harvard University Health Services (HUHS). In addition, visiting students are responsible for all costs which may be incurred while on assignment through the HMS Exchange Clerkship Program including needle stick exposure. For expenses related to the treatment of a needle stick injury, the visiting student's health insurance will be billed and the visiting student should work directly with their home school's Dean of Students' Office.


Please note that the HMS Visiting Student Program is undergoing continuous review and improvement and is subject to change at any time.