Eligibility Restrictions

Number of Application Cycles

Candidates are considered for admission a maximum of two application cycles. Applications from individuals who have already made two previous application attempts will be rejected. Incomplete application attempts count toward the two-time maximum.

Matriculation at another Medical School

Candidates who have matriculated in any other medical school are not eligible to be considered for admission, regardless of the reason for leaving the other program. In many countries, students enter medical school directly from advanced secondary school. If you are currently enrolled in any medical school, or were enrolled previously, you are ineligible to apply to Harvard Medical School. Due to constraints on class size, we regret that we are unable to accept transfers for any reason.

Completion of Advanced Degrees

Applicants are expected to apply in the application cycle for the year they plan to matriculate. Candidates pursuing advanced degrees that cannot be completed prior to matriculation will be rejected. For exceptions, see Deferred Admissions.

NIH Graduate Partnership Program (GPP)

Candidates participating in the NIH Graduate Partnership Program (GPP) will only be considered in the year of intended matriculation at Harvard Medical School.

Transfer or Advanced Standing Students

HMS does not accept transfer or advanced standing students into the MD Programs.