Letters of Evaluation

All letters of evaluation must be submitted to AMCAS. Applicants are allowed up to six (6) letters of recommendation in support of their application. When considering the total number of letters to submit, please note the following:

  • At least two (2) letters should be from professors in the sciences with whom they have taken classes.
  • At least one (1) letter should be written by a professor who is not in the sciences.
  • We should receive letters from all research supervisors for applicants to the MD-PhD program as well as applicants to the MD program. Applicants may exceed the six (6)-letter maximum if the additional letters are from research supervisors.
  • If applicants wish to supplement a premedical advisory committee evaluation packet with additional letters of recommendation, they should count the packet as one (1) letter toward the six (6)-letter maximum.
  • We do not require letters of recommendation from employers, but if applicants have been out of school and working they should have a letter sent from their place of employment.

While we strongly recommend meeting the criteria listed above, these are not strict requirements. Ultimately, the letters applicants choose to include are up to their own discretion. Applicants should choose the letters of evaluation they believe will best support their application.

What happens if my letters of recommendation are received by AMCAS after the deadline?

Your materials will still be processed, but you will not receive any confirmation when your file becomes complete. We cannot guarantee that late letters will be included when your file is reviewed by the Committee. We begin reviewing incomplete files shortly after our final deadline, and files are reviewed on the basis of the materials on hand at the time they are presented to the Committee.