Teaching Awards

Picture of 2021 Zoom CelebrationHarvard Medical School annually bestows teaching awards on its most outstanding teachers, who, through their excellence in teaching, will impact and influence the professional lives of students long after graduation. The awards presented at the Daniel D. Federman Teaching Award Celebration are HMS's most visible recognition of the teaching accomplishments of a highly select group of the School's leading medical educators, and reflect, in a small but tangible way, how much teachers are valued by their students and by HMS.   
This event celebrates our best teachers in the presence of students, faculty, former award recipients, and staff. The HMS community and their families are invited to attend this special event each year. For more information about the event, email pme@hms.harvard.edu.

2021 Recipients

Donald O'Hara Faculty Prizes for Excellence in Teaching

Donald O’Hara, PhD Faculty Prizes for Excellence in Teaching

The Faculty Prizes for Excellence in Preclerkship Teaching are named in memory of Donald O’Hara, Ph.D., who was a beloved teacher of Harvard medical students. Dr. O’Hara also served as one of the leaders of the New Pathway Chemistry and Biology of the Cell course and as co-director of the HST course, Human Biochemistry and Metabolic Diseases. Dr. O’Hara was also a recipient of the Faculty Prize for Excellence in Teaching for his teaching of first-year medical students.

Mohini Lutchman, PhD
Lecturer on Neurobiology
Harvard Medical School

Dr. Lutchman is a neuroscientist and cancer biologist at Harvard Medical School. She has spent the last 13 years at Harvard Medical School advancing her research program in cancer genetics, cancer cell signaling, and proteomics. In parallel with her research, Dr. Lutchman has been involved in teaching first- and second-year medical students anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, and human system and behavior. In nominating her for the O’Hara Award, one student lauded her response to the transition to virtual teaching “due to COVID19, this fall our M1 class was unable to do any cadaver dissection… in addition to filming and editing prosection videos late into the night, Mohini went above and beyond to help run a month-long, 4+ hours-per-day June consolidation course where I and my classmates were able to actually see and touch the structures we had only seen in books.” She was praised for being “a truly indispensable part of my medical education.” It was noted, not only was she a dedicated teacher but she also “always asked about our academic interests outside of the anatomy lab and was always an encouraging, warming, and helpful presence.” Overall, “Harvard Medical School is fortunate to have such a dedicated faculty member in Mohini.”


Mary Montgomery, MD
Instructor in Medicine
Harvard Medical School
Dr. Mary Montgomery is a clinician-educator at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School. She received her medical degree from UCSF, completed her internal medicine residency at BWH and her infectious diseases fellowship at the combined BWH/MGH program with a specialty focus on HIV. As a teacher, she is described as “deeply attentive … always challenging students to think more critically.” One student stated, “she delivers feedback in a kind yet firm manner and offers suggestions for how we can make small adjustments to our skill sets that will yield a large impact.” Importantly, “I feel more prepared to enter the wards because she has helped me develop a framework for approaching patients and how to use deduction to better understand the most salient aspects of each patient’s situation.” Finally, “she has been the most impactful teacher I have had during my first year of medical school and I am thankful to have met her at such a formative stage of my training.”

Charles McCabe Faculty Prizes for Excellence in Teaching

Charles McCabe, MD Faculty Prizes for Excellence in Teaching

The Faculty Prizes for Excellence in Clerkship Teaching are named in memory of Charles McCabe, M.D., who was a beloved teacher of Harvard medical students and who also served as the director of the Core Clerkship in Surgery at Massachusetts General Hospital for more than two decades. Dr. McCabe was also a recipient of the Faculty Prize for Excellence in Teaching on multiple occasions for his teaching of third-year medical students.


Yamini Saravanan, MD
Instructor in Medicine
Cambridge Health Alliance

Dr. Saravanan is a primary care internist at Cambridge Health Alliance, co-associate director of the Cambridge Integrated Clerkship (CIC) Program, and the Internal Medicine clerkship director at CHA. In her nomination, she was celebrated for her commitment to teaching “clinical thinking and professional style”. It was noted that “while Dr. Saravanan is a rigorous teacher with high expectations, she is also unfailingly kind, and really takes an interest in her students as people.” She routinely “took the time to select a group of complex patients from her primary care panel who she thought would be educational for me, and importantly, who she thought could use the support that a medical student could provide.” She was praised for dedicating “an additional hour of her time each week to… teach on a clinical topic relevant to patients seen that week… she asks questions skillfully to really push clinical thinking to the next level,” and "provides space…to process experiences and reflect on patients’ lives.” One student stated “Dr. Saravanan's commitment to show up and give 100% to her patients and to my education inspires me to be my best self as well.” Overall, Dr. Saravanan “is the among the best teachers… at Harvard Medical School and a most cherished physician mentor.”


Chi-Fu Jeffrey Yang, MD
Assistant Professor of Surgery
Massachusetts General Hospital

Dr. Chi-Fu Jeffrey Yang is a thoracic surgeon at Massachusetts General Hospital and an Assistant Professor of Surgery at Harvard Medical School.  As a teacher and mentor, one nomination noted, “He is extremely supportive of his students, is always available for help and advice, and pushes his students to reach their potential to the fullest.” Another nomination stated, “my classmates and I have come to appreciate that every opportunity to operate with Dr. Yang is an opportunity to become a better future surgeon…Dr. Yang is extremely patient in the operating room, allows you to grow, gives you clinical insight and instruction, even in the most difficult cases” and that “outside of the operating room, in clinic and on rounds, Dr. Yang is incredibly kind and compassionate.” He was also celebrated for his commitment to service, “He is deeply passionate about giving back.  He teaches underserved communities about the importance of lung cancer screening” and used his experiences “to really help guide me and my peers in our own non-profit work.” Finally, “Dr. Yang’s teaching and mentorship have really shaped my entire experience at Harvard Medical School. He recognizes the abilities of medical students even when they themselves are unsure and encourages them to be clinically excellent. I have no doubt that I will carry his teaching with me for the rest of my career and am extremely grateful for his continued mentorship."

Fariborz Maseeh Award for Innovative Medical Education

Fariborz Maseeh Award for Innovative Medical Education


The Fariborz Maseeh Award for Innovative Medical Education was established in 2020 with a generous gift from the Massiah Foundation to recognize and support an HMS faculty member who develops and leads innovative courses in the HMS MD curriculum. The award is designed to support the faculty member’s research program and their development and teaching of courses in the MD curriculum, and to encourage dissemination of educational innovations to the broader community.


John Flanagan, PhD
Professor of Cell Biology
Harvard Medical School


Dr. Flanagan is a neurobiology researcher who trained at the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge he teaches in the preclerkship Pathways course, Foundations, and leads the entire Post-PCE Advanced Integrated Science Courses (AISC) program. His students hold him in high esteem: “the finest educator I have had the pleasure of working with” who “devotes an incredible amount of attention and emotional and intellectual energy to his students.” Students shared that “he was gifted with a style of leadership that is rare and difficult to master: delicate, caring, and tactful. I think many of us in the society behave the way we do because we hope to model Dr. Flanagan’s example." Students felt that what really exemplifies Dr. Flanagan is “his genuine care and sacrificial love for each and every one of his students. He truly left no one behind, paid special attention to those who are struggling during our transition to med student, and exemplified what a true mentor should be."

Special Faculty Prize for Sustained Excellence in Teaching

Special Faculty Prizes for Sustained Excellence in Teaching


The Special Faculty Prize for Sustained Excellence in Teaching was established in 2006 by the HMS Teaching Awards Selection Committee to be conferred upon a member of the HMS faculty who, through a lifetime of excellence in teaching, has impacted and influenced the professional lives of students long after graduation.


Clyde S. Crumpacker II, MD

Professor of Medicine

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center


Dr. Crumpacker has made many important contributions to the education of Harvard medical students during the 27 years you directed the HST 040 Mechanisms of Microbial Pathogenesis course.  It is clear from student comments made over those nearly 30 years of service that he continued to innovate and improve throughout.  His dedicated service on the HST MD Curriculum Subcommittee also benefitted students beyond your course, as your contributions touched upon universally applicable aspects of pedagogy.  His contributions have been acknowledged by HMS students through the numerous teaching awards he has received throughout his tenure. HMS is fortunate that his gift for teaching has impacted so positively the medical students he has taught at HMS. The perspective Dr. Crumpacker’s longitudinal teaching and leadership provides has benefitted our students enormously, and his outstanding contributions to teaching at HMS have launched generations of medical students as confident and well-educated physicians.


Michael Kahn, MD

Assistant Professor of Psychiatry

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center


Dr. Kahn has made many important contributions to the education of Harvard medical students during the more than 30 years he taught psychiatry at HMS. For 24 years, beginning in 1997, his leadership of the BIDMC psychiatry clerkship enabled many hundreds of students to hone critical psychiatry skills. The integration of HMS students on the Urgent Care Service was highly valued by students and provided an excellent chance for them to see what office-based psychiatry is really like. In addition to his teaching roles, his service on numerous HMS and BIDMC committees has contributed broadly to the excellence of the MD program and the education of Harvard medical students. His contributions have been acknowledged by HMS students through the numerous teaching awards he received throughout his tenure. Dr. Kahn personifies the best of the consummate clinician-educator.

Sandra & Arnold Gold Award for Humanistic Teaching

The Cambridge Health Alliance Sandra & Arnold Gold Award for Humanistic Teaching
The Sandra and Arnold Gold Award for Humanistic Teaching at Cambridge Health Alliance is named in honor of Drs. Sandra and Arnold Gold and their remarkable decades-long contributions to humanistic medical education nationally and locally. The award will be presented annually to an inspirational HMS faculty educator at Cambridge Health Alliance who models compassion, integrity, respect and service in teaching Harvard Medical School students, residents, fellows or peers.
Kate Harney, MD
Assistant Professor of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Biology


Dr. Kate Harney is the Chief of Ob-GYN at CHA and a long-term and beloved preceptor in the HMS Cambridge Integrated Clerkship. In her nomination for the Sandra and Arnold Gold Award for Humanistic Teaching, Dr. Harney is described as someone who “models, enacts, and lives humanistic care, leadership, advocacy, and education.” Students describe her in extraordinary terms, characterizing her healing manner, delight in her patients, and her high-standards, fairness, integrity and, plain-spokenness in precepting. One student describes a weekly clinic in which Dr. Harney modeled patient-centered care and compassion, always dedicating extra time to vulnerable patients with few community supports or those with limited health literacy. In particular, she deftly empowers her students to develop the skills and humanity to work comfortably with young vulnerable adolescent patients and their families and to understand the intricacy and delicacy with which these visits need to be conducted. Congratulations Dr. Harney, CHA’s quintessential humanistic educator!

Leo A. Blacklow Teaching Award

Leo A. Blacklow Teaching Award
Mount Auburn Hospital

The Leo A. Blacklow Award is presented annually to an outstanding teacher who holds joint appointments at Harvard Medical School and Mount Auburn Hospital. The award honors Dr. Leo A. Blacklow, HMS 1930, who practiced Family Medicine in Belmont and at Mount Auburn Hospital. For over 60 years, he helped train residents and medical students while caring for five generations of families in Belmont and surrounding communities. Dr. Blacklow was a passionate advocate for education and an enduring role model for comprehensive and compassionate care for all.

Patricia E. Moyer, MD
Assistant Professor of Medicine

Dr. Moyer is a Primary Care Physician in the Department of Medicine at Mount Auburn Hospital. She grew up in a family of educators. After graduating Harvard summa cum laude in physical chemistry in 1969, she chose medicine over "pure" science, obtaining her MD from Albert Einstein College of Medicine in 1973. Once finishing medical residency, she made her professional home at Mount Auburn Hospital in 1977. For the last 44 years, she has practiced primary and secondary care at Mount Auburn. While practicing full time, she has taught first- and second-year HMS students, and regularly attended on the general medicine wards. In 1998, she founded Waverley Primary Care, and has since mentored generations of residents doing ambulatory rotations there. During that year, she developed and led "Ambulatory Conference", an innovative weekly 3-hour gathering for residents on their outpatient rotations. The format encourages residents’ challenging themselves and each other with ambulatory problem cases, features an interviewing segment in which residents interview patients and receive feedback from peers and herself, and invites guests to speak on a variety of topics. Over the years, Dr. Moyer developed a deep interest in the effects of childhood trauma on patients’ lives and health trajectories, writing an unpublished manuscript on her observations, and bringing her experience to bear, when relevant, in her interactions with students of medicine.

Stephen B. Calderwood, MD Medical Student Teaching Award

Stephen B. Calderwood, MD Medical Student Teaching Award

Massachusetts General Hospital


The MGH Stephen B. Calderwood MD Medical Student Teaching Award was established in 2021 and is awarded to the Harvard faculty member who has demonstrated the highest overall excellence in teaching of Harvard Medical School student at MGH. This award is voted by medical students who complete the Principal Clinical Experience (PCE) at MGH and is the highest honor granted for undergraduate medical education at MGH. It replaces the former Bulfinch Award for Undergraduate Medical Education at MGH that was established in 2012.


Alberto Puig, MD, PhD

Associate Professor of Medicine

Dr. Puig is an Associate Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School (HMS) and the Director of the Core Educator Faculty in the Department of Medicine (DOM) at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), where he leads a unique group of physician-teachers fully devoted to clinical education, whose academic interests span a diverse array of clinical and educational expertise. He obtained his PhD in Biochemistry from Baylor College of Medicine (BCM) in 1994 and his MD from the same institution in 1998. After completing residency training in Internal Medicine – including a year as Chief Resident – at BCMs affiliated hospitals, he joined the faculty at the University of Texas Medical School in Houston, where he participated in curricular reform and directed basic science and clinical courses. During his tenure at UT Medical School in Houston, he served as the Associate Program Director for the Internal Medicine Program before moving to Boston, MA in 2006. Since joining the HMS and MGH faculty, he has been a member of the core teaching faculty in the Department of Medicine and a leader in medical and clinical education. In 2015 he became the Director of the PCE at MGH and in 2016 the Director of Undergraduate Medical Education at that same institution. Since 2019, he has been the HMS Associate Dean for Undergraduate Medical Education at MGH, and in that role oversees all aspects of medical student education at MGH.

His academic interests include medical and clinical education, curriculum design, and bedside education. He has developed and led nationally recognized curricula in medical education, as well as workshops on bedside teaching and faculty development, programs that are often featured at professional national meetings. He is a regular discussant on educational reform and medical history at national meetings, and his contributions to medical education and clinical training have made him a celebrated teacher and educator whose expertise is highly sought-after. He is the recipient of over thirty major teaching awards, including the 2016 Society of Hospital Medicine Excellence in Teaching Award.

Bernard Lown Award for Excellence in Teaching

Bernard Lown Award for Excellence in Teaching
Brigham and Women’s Hospital

The Bernard Lown Award for Excellence in Teaching at Brigham and Women's Hospital was established in 2010 to celebrate physicians who are outstanding clinical teachers and to recognize the very significant role that education plays in carrying out the BWH mission and the institution’s deep commitment to the next generation of clinicians. The award honors Dr. Bernard Lown, senior physician at BWH, Professor of Cardiology Emeritus at the Harvard School of Public Health, and founder of the Lown Cardiovascular Center and Lown Cardiovascular Research Foundation. A gifted clinician, renowned bedside teacher, and research pioneer, Dr. Lown was named Master Teacher of the American College of Cardiology on five occasions. He co-founded International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW) with Dr. Evgeni Chazov, of the former Soviet Union; in 1985, they were co-recipients of the Nobel Peace Prize on behalf of IPPNW.

Tamara B. Kaplan, MD
Assistant Professor of Medicine
BWH Department of Neurology

Dr. Kaplan is a neurologist at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. She is the Director of the HMS Neurology Clerkship at BWH and the Course Director for the HMS preclinical neuroscience course, Mind, Brain, and Behavior (MBB). Dr. Kaplan has been dedicated to medical education since she was a resident and taught as a teaching assistant in MBB and received the prestigious resident teaching award.  As a fellow, Dr. Kaplan joined the faculty for the longitudinal course, Practice of Medicine (POM), and has been involved since.  Dr. Kaplan is a dedicated teacher and educational innovator at the Brigham, with demonstrated excellence as judged by the wide range of accolades that she has attained through her contributions to student, resident, and post-graduate teaching.  A current mentee said, “Besides her extensive clinical knowledge, profound teaching skill, and mastery of educational theory and methodology, what makes Dr. Kaplan so special as an educator and mentor is that she cares. She cares deeply about her patients, her students, her mission, and the Brigham’s commitment to excellent teaching. Her pure, enthusiastic, and effective approach to quality improvement in medical education inspires me every day…Dr. Kaplan is a true teacher of medicine: a master educator that inspires us all and makes the Brigham a better place.”


Navin Kumar, MD
Assistant Professor of Medicine
BWH Department of Medicine/Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Endoscopy


Dr. Kumar is a gastroenterologist at Brigham and Women's Hospital and has been dedicated to medical student education since entering as an internal medicine resident in 2010. As a senior resident, he was awarded the Golden Stethoscope Award for his commitment to student teaching. Following residency, he co-directed the Patient Doctor II clinical skills course at BWH in 2013-14. As a gastroenterology fellow in 2015, the BWH internal medicine housestaff named him the Soma Weiss Award recipient for excellence in teaching by a clinical fellow. Since joining the faculty in 2017, he has served as the associate director of the HMS internal medicine clerkship at BWH. Dr. Kumar is a revered teacher and mentor at the Brigham across the spectrum of learners – from students and residents to fellows.  One student shared “It was clear that Dr. Kumar offered substantial contributions to the warm, approachable, and person-centered tone of the core faculty team in preparing us for our first interactions with patients, gently guiding our development of skills…” His colleague said, “Navin is an impactful and transformative medical educator, who can create a touchpoint not only with the students but with the system of education itself.”

Robert P. Masland, Jr. Teaching Award

Robert P. Masland, Jr. Teaching Award
Boston Children’s Hospital

Dr. Robert P. Masland, Jr. was the Chief of Adolescent/Young Adult Medicine at Children’s from 1967-1993 and was a leader in establishing the field of Adolescent Medicine, as well as teaching communication and professionalism. In addition, he trained generations of medical students, residents, and faculty members at Boston Children’s Hospital (BCH). He was a supporter of flexible careers and work-life balance long before these issues were openly discussed. As a medical educator, Dr. Masland served as Co-Director of the Combined Harvard Medicine/Pediatrics Training program and as Associate Master for the Cannon Society at HMS. One of his favorite activities was mentoring HMS students and trying to convince them to pursue a career in pediatrics. As the Chair of the Intern Selection Committee at Boston Children’s Hospital from 1983-2002, he sought to rank as many HMS students as possible. Dr. Masland died in 2010, and this award was established in his honor to recognize a Children’s Hospital faculty member who shares Dr. Masland’s passion for teaching medical students.

Katherine A. O’Donnell, MD
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics


Dr. Katherine “Katie” O’Donnell serves a unique role at Boston Children’s Hospital (BCH) as both a hospitalist and a pediatric toxicologist.  She is the current Pediatric Clerkship Director and directs all phases of undergraduate medical education at BCH.  In addition, she chairs the Pediatric Clerkship Committee at HMS and was recently appointed Associate Dean for UME at BCH and HMS.  One of Dr. O’Donnell’s major accomplishments is advocating for a safe and inclusive learning environment for trainees and students at our hospital.   Dr. Vinny Chiang, CMO at BCH and himself a former leader in medical education, describes Dr. O’Donnell’s leadership role in the following way: “She has run the program with a presence, a purpose and a passion that is unmatched and no one gives more of their intellectual and emotional bandwidth on behalf of the HMS students”.   Dr. O’Donnell’s superb teaching has been previously recognized with the Janeway Award for Excellence in Teaching as nominated by the residents in the Boston Combined Residency Program and the Cloherty Award for Clinical Teaching as nominated by her fellow members of the BCH Academy.  HMS student Aurel Nagy in her nomination for this award characterized Dr. O’Donnell as a “rigorous educator and mentor”, but one who is also “kind and compassionate”.  Like Dr. Masland, Dr. O’Donnell is devoted to attracting HMS students to pediatric residencies, especially at BCH, and she certainly shares his passion for teaching medical students.   She is an ideal recipient of this award.

S. Robert Stone Award for Excellence in Teaching

S. Robert Stone Award for Excellence in Teaching
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

The S. Robert Stone Award for Excellence in Teaching has been awarded annually since 1981 to a member of the Harvard Medical School Faculty at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center for outstanding achievement in the teaching of medical students and house staff. The award is given in honor of the late Honorary Trustee and past Board Chairman of the former Beth Israel Hospital by his children.

Alexandra Hovaguimian, MD
Assistant Professor of Neurology

Alexandra Hovaguimian is an assistant professor of Neurology and medical educator at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. She serves as the Harvard Medical School Neurology Clerkship Committee Chair, the director of the HMS BIDMC Neurology Clerkship, and the HMS BIDMC Principal Clinical Experience Associate Director. Her educational focuses are on effective distance learning and advancing undergraduate and graduate neurologic education. Dr. Hovaguimian is described by one student as “passionate, kind, thorough, passionate, kind, thorough, inclusive and organized. She not only is an outstanding educator, she cares deeply about her students’ success and well-being. She’s approachable and genuine. She’s someone everyone truly looks up to.”

L. James Wiczai, Jr. Award

L. James Wiczai Award for Leadership, Excellence, and Innovation in Medical Education
The Wiczai Award was established in 2000 by Karen C. Kirby in memory of her husband, L. James Wiczai, to honor a staff member from an affiliated hospital who fosters innovation and excellence in medical education and promotes collaboration between Harvard Medical School and the Harvard-affiliated hospitals.
Jean Terp  
Administrative Operations Manager
Cambridge Health Alliance


Jean was nominated for her role as the Administrative Operations Manager in the Department of Medicine and as the Cambridge Health Alliance (CHA) Site Coordinator for the Practice of Medicine Course. She was nominated by Drs. Katherine Miller, Bonni Stahl, Alon Neidich, Rose Goldman, David Bor and Richard Pels. In their nominations, all mentioned that she is always “going above and beyond to not only orient the students, but help them to feel seen and welcome at CHA.” She was lauded for being an instrumental part of all the CHA education programs from the development of the Cambridge Integrated Clerkship, to the Fellowship Programs, and the Practice of Medicine course. “Jean Terp has been a lynchpin in the CHA/HMS connection for medical student education…she is the organizational center, who helps the teams stay on track, thinks creatively about education, and also keeps an eye on the necessary practical ideas.”  There was “no one more deserving of the Wiczai Award which honors an administrative staff member ‘who has made significant and thoughtful contributions to fostering the educational association between an HMS-affiliated institution and HMS.’ Jean has been that person for the Dept of Medicine at CHA and HMS for 41 years.”

Richard A. Gillis Award for Excellence in Medical Education

Richard A. Gillis Award for Excellence in Medical Education

The Richard A. Gillis Award for Excellence in Medical Education was established in 2012 in memory of Rick Gillis (1953-2011), Executive Director of Curriculum Programs, whose 27 years of contributions to the MD program at Harvard Medical School exemplify the standards of excellence and the work ethic he inspired in those who were privileged to know him and to work with him. The award is given to a member or members of the HMS staff for their outstanding contributions to the educational mission of the School. This award serves as a reminder of Rick’s legacy and the critical role of staff in facilitating, in the words of his hero, President John F. Kennedy, the infinite potential of the human mind that can be realized through education … [and that] can be translated into benefit for everyone and greater strength for our Nation.”

Agnieszka Jackson
OSCE Program Manager, Program in Medical Education


Agnieszka (Aga) Jackson has coordinated the HMS OSCE Program for almost 20 years, most recently contributing to its dramatic growth and alignment with additional HMS education programs, as a robust source of centralized standardized clinical skills assessment and teaching.  Her nomination noted “Aga's expertise is most visible to others in the way that she manages the complex puzzle of scheduling students and faculty for multiple OSCE sessions and her effortless calculations of numbers of students and sessions within the capacity of the Clinical Skills Center space for any particular OSCE session.  However, her tremendous value and impact has been in the successful growth of this program, and this is often unseen by others.” She was celebrated for her response to the pandemic “When COVID caused the closure of much of HMS, Aga was able to expeditiously and patiently work with the IT and PME team to support hundreds of hours of remote telehealth OSCEs for students, coaching many OSCE faculty on how to convert their observations and feedback to Zoom …  Aga does all this with patience, a kind word, and professionalism.  Her work in this program touches every HMS student and she is dedicated to helping ensure that this program is of the highest quality to support students' growth and abilities.”


Rosa Soler
Director of Student Affairs, Program in Medical Education


Rosa was appointed Director of Student Affairs in 2018 bringing more than twenty years of experience at HMS to this new role, having served as Program Director in the Office of Recruitment and Multicultural Affairs (ORMA) since 1995. Prior to joining the ORMA team, she served as an admissions officer and assistant director of admissions at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. In AY94, she served as a Harvard Administrative Fellow. She was the first recipient of the Harold Amos Staff Diversity Award in 1999, and in 2015 she received the HMS Fabric Award in recognition of her commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion at HMS and HSDM. In her nomination, her colleagues noted “Rosa is there for the students throughout their time at HMS and beyond in every possible way…she is consistent in her devotion to our students.” She was celebrated for going “the extra mile to fulfill her myriad of student responsibilities” all “while being warm-hearted, kind, and respectful towards the staff, faculty, and other colleagues across Harvard.” It was noted, “Her many years of experience inform her guidance to students and faculty as to how to make HMS a warm and supportive environment for all our students, regardless of their background, culture, or identities.” It is clear “Rosa’s compassion and personal commitment come through in all that she does” and that “Rosa’s work through ORMA and the Office of Student Affairs has had a powerful impact on the experience of our students, enabling them to maximize their medical education.”