Financial Aid Checklist for the Class of 2025!

As you begin your studies at Harvard Medical School, our office wants to ensure your financial wellness! Please take a moment to follow the steps below as this will help you to understand and complete all necessary financial aid requirements during this transition. 

Orientation & Entrance Requirements

Step 1 - Create a Budget
Review your financial resources and set up an individual monthly budget. Use the AAMC's online budgeting tool to assist in developing your personal budget.

Step 2 - Complete the AAMC MedLoans Organizer and Calculator
Please do a four year projection of your loan borrowing based on your 2021-22 financial aid award package. Please complete this process prior to your individual loan counseling session with your Financial Aid Officer.

Step 3 - Review important information on your student loans

Loan Basics For Entering Medical School Students - Watch this educational video to help you understand the terms of your loans. 

Step 4 - Complete Online Federal Loan Entrance Interview and Loan Master Promissory Notes (MPNs)
If you are a new loan borrower at HMS, you must complete this process to ensure the timely disbursement of your loan funds to your student bill.

Loan Entrance and MPN Instructions - Watch this informative video on completing your loan entrance and MPN requirement.

Step 5 - One-on-One Loan Entrance Counseling
Meet with your financial aid counselor to discuss your own personal projected educational debt at HMS. You have the opportunity to ask your financial aid officer any questions you may have about your financial aid.

Individual appointments begin on Monday, August 9. Appointments typically run no longer than 15 minutes. Please note: Appointments will take place using the Zoom video platform. Your financial aid counselor will email you with a meeting link after you have scheduled a time to meet.

*Sign up for an appointment time with your financial aid counselor.

Important Note: Your HarvardKey login is needed to access the linked content.

Step 6 - Notify the Financial Aid Office of Outside Awards
If you anticipate receiving an outside scholarship, please complete the 2021-22 Outside Scholarship Form and turn it in to the Financial Aid Office.

Step 7 - Review Your Student Bill
Please make sure that your fall bill has been paid in full. Your bill may fluctuate regularly during the academic year. It is important to review your bill regularly by logging into Student Accounts.

Your Student Bill - Watch this educational video on understanding your student bill.

Step 8 - Request a refund
If you have a credit balance on your student term bill account, you can obtain funds for living expenses.

Living Expense Refunds - Watch this educational video on understanding the refund process.

Additional Resource

AAMC Education Debt Manager for Matriculating and Graduating Medical School Students - Learn strategies for managing your student loan debt.
We look forward to working with you during your journey through Medical School.