Medical Language Program

Advanced Medical Spanish Fiesta
Instructors, students, and guests of the 2018 ME518 Spanish Language Intensive course at the year-end fiesta.

Harvard Medical School provides medical language training to support students as they pursue clinical training, research, and service opportunities in different cultural contexts in Boston and abroad. 

The Medical Language Program is led by Dr. Rose Molina, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, and supported by the Office of Scholarly Engagement. The goals of the Medical Language Program are to equip medical students with language skills to provide language-concordant and culturally-humble care with diverse patient populations and to promote awareness of language barriers in achieving health equity.Medical Language Program Timeline

Longitudinal Medical Language Courses

The following courses are offered to first and third year medical students and are held weekly during one or two semesters. Course content focuses on the consolidation of oral language skills in the clinical encounter and cultural sensitivity when working with patients who speak these languages. HMS faculty members teach these courses.

  • Intermediate Medical Mandarin (LN701), fall and spring semesters
  • Intermediate Medical Portuguese (LN703), fall semester
  • Intermediate Medical Spanish (LN705), fall and spring semesters
  • Advanced Medical Spanish (LN707), fall and spring semesters

Students have the opportunity to pursue clinical clerkships in countries where these languages are spoken.  Contact the Office of Scholarly Engagement for more information.


Intensive Medical Spanish (ME518M.41 )

The Intensive Medical Spanish course is designed for beginner and intermediate Spanish-speaking 3rd or 4th year medical students. It is offered as a full-time, 4-week elective course. Instructors from Latin America teach the course and students interact with native speakers through one-on-one conversations daily. ME518M.41 is linked to the Latin America credit-bearing clinical electives, ME518M.41, for those students who wish to participate in a clinical experience abroad.

Students interested in ME518M.41 should contact Kari Hannibal in the Office of Scholarly Engagement. 

HMS students: Please visit the Medical Language Program site for detailed information on course enrollment and schedules. HMS account ID required.