Statement of Intent


The Statement of Intent (SOI) Application is available July through September of your 4th year. Graduating students will receive a link to this application from

Submit these documents as part of the application:

  • Project proposal/manuscript
  • In lieu of a Scholarly Project proposal or HST MD thesis, you may submit an abstract or a manuscript representing your Honors research that is published, in press, undergoing peer review or that will be submitted for peer review.
  • The abstract of any prior graduate thesis on a related topic or discipline
  • A resume or CV
  • By October 15th, your Faculty Mentor will email a letter to with approval for you to submit and defend a thesis.

Review Process

The review is intended to help you prepare a cogent, defensible thesis. Your complete SOI Application will go to an Honors in a Special Field Committee member who will provide comments about your proposal's strengths and weaknesses. OSE will send you approval or feedback on your honors SOI and may ask for revisions.


The Office of Scholarly Engagement will schedule your exam in December with the exam held in March or April of your graduating year.