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Virtual Match Day captures joy, purpose for HMS 2020 graduates

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Of the 177 graduating MD students at HMS in 2020, 170 matched to clinical training, internship or residency programs at hospitals; three matched in oral and maxillofacial surgery residencies, and four will pursue nonclinical training.

Eighty-three students, or 49 percent, matched at an HMS-affiliated program for some part of their training.

Half of the class matched in Massachusetts, 16 percent in California, and 9 percent in metropolitan New York, with the remainder matching at institutions in 10 other states across the country.

This year, 74 students, or 44 percent of the class, were accepted into fields related to primary care: two in family medicine, 53 in internal medicine, seven in pediatrics and 12 in obstetrics/gynecology.

You can find the redacted 2020 Match List below:

2020 HMS Match List



49% matched in Massachusetts, 16% in California, 9% in Metropolitan NY, and 26% in other states.
For a more detailed breakdown of 2020 Match placement locations, please click the image below:
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