Funding for Student Projects

The Scholars in Medicine Office is a primary source of student funding for:

  • Research or scholarly projects taken during an extra (“fifth”) year
  • London Society (HST) student summer projects
  • Traveling fellowships for scholarly project related travel
  • Conference funding for students presenting their work at academic or professional conferences external to Harvard University.
  • Select international clinical electives that are part of the HMS clinical elective exchange program
  • Boston- or US-based community service projects

Current students at HMS can access our internal Funding site for more information. 

SMO Funding

SMO Fifth Year Funding

  • Students participate in a rigorous application and review process to be eligible for SMO funding.
  • The SMO provides funding for students who are taking a year off (a “fifth year”) or who are carrying out research over a summer in which they are not enrolled as full-time students. Where possible, student stipends are funded equally by their mentor and the SMO.
  • The SMO does not fund research carried out while students are enrolled at HMS full-time.
  • Students are encouraged to apply for funding from external sources (fellowships, scholarships, etc.) for research or travel. In most cases, students apply directly to the funding sources (Sarnoff Fellowships, etc).

SMO Clinical Elective/Travel Abroad Supplements

HMS students can apply for SMO reimbursement of some travel expenses to selected clinical elective exchange sites. Students are expected to have their own funding to cover their remaining expenses. Contact the SMO for advice on external funding for clinical electives abroad.

London Society

London Society students can apply to the SMO for matching funding for three-month summer research projects pursued at the end of their first year. Mentors are expected to provide shared stipend funding to their students. Contact Patricia Cunningham for more information.

SMO Community Service Funding

Students can apply for SMO stipend funding to coordinate and implement sustainable community service projects taking place during the academic or calendar year. Projects may be completed over a minimum of three months (200 hours) or can span up to a full academic year (350+ hours). Existing community service projects can be found on the SMO website (eCommons ID required to access). Students may develop and propose new service projects, which will be carefully scrutinized for a clearly justified, value-added contribution.

Fellowships Handled by SMO

Students work with the SMO to apply for these external and Harvard fellowships:

  • The Fulbright US Student Program for study or research abroad
  • The Marshall Scholarship
  • Various Harvard traveling fellowships