COVID-19 Update: Staff members within the Financial Aid Office are currently working remotely. To contact our office, please email us at or reach us by phone at 617-432-0449.

A notice will be updated here when staff have returned to the office.

Financial Aid for HMS Programs

The goal of the Harvard Medical School (HMS) financial aid program is to help students find the financial resources necessary to attend HMS.

The MD program is rooted in the philosophy that students, with the help of their families, have the primary responsibility for financing their medical education to the fullest extent of their ability. Harvard Medical School’s role is to assist students in meeting the shortfall of funds after they and their family have made their maximum financial effort. All HMS funds for the MD program are distributed on the basis of financial need; academic merit is not a consideration.

For Master’s students, the Financial Aid office provides information on financing education through loans, external scholarships and work study.

MD-PhD students are served by the MD-PhD Program office.