Exchange Clerkship Program

The Exchange Clerkship Program at Harvard Medical School (HMS) is designed to offer qualified medical students the opportunity to complete a visiting clerkship at one of the Harvard-affiliated hospitals.

The Harvard Medical School (HMS) Exchange Clerkship Program is one of the largest visiting student programs in the country. Every year the HMS Registrar’s Office processes applications from more than 2,000 students from around the world. The program is designed for medical students in their final year of medical school who wish to participate in clinical clerkships offered at HMS-affiliated teaching hospitals. Our goal is to place eligible students who are qualified for the advanced clinical experience in HMS-affiliated hospitals.

Our program is open to students from US and Canadian medical schools accredited by the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME) and international medical schools approved by Harvard Medical School. A list of currently approved medical schools may be accessed at the online portion of the application.

HMS does not offer research opportunities and/or observerships for visiting students.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Eligibility Questions

  • Can I send my application in without the 2nd PPD test results for the tuberculosis requirements?
  • I just received my booster, can I send my application while I wait for the serology report?

Application Questions

Scheduling Questions

  • If a Harvard faculty member invites me to attend their clerkship, is that allowed?
  • If I complete the application, am I guaranteed to be scheduled?
  • Can you tell me if a particular clerkship is available?
  • How can I increase the likelihood of being scheduled?
  • Can I get on the waitlist for a particular clerkship?
  • Once I have been scheduled, can I change my assignment?
  • Can I request to change the rotation dates because they do not match up with my school’s rotation dates?
  • What action must I take if I can’t attend my scheduled clerkship?

Policy Question

  • Is it possible to get my school’s required evaluation form filled out?