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2018 Nov 16

Anatomy Day

12:25pm to 3:00pm


Countway Library

Explore the History of Anatomy

MD Pathway and HST students are invited to attend Anatomy Day.

The Center for the History of Medicine at the Countway, including its Warren Anatomical Museum, holds one of the largest collections in the world of historical books and artifacts testifying to the complex history of anatomy. You will have the opportunity to explore great atlases such as those by Vesalius (1543) and William Hunter (1774), learn about historical aids for anatomical education from many parts of the world, observe artifacts from Harvard’s 19th-century...

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2018 May 07

The Medical Response to Climate Change: What Can We Do?

12:45pm to 2:15pm


TMEC Amphitheater

Opening Remarks //
William Lensch, PhD
Chief of Staff to HMS Dean George Daley

Panel //
Paul Farmer, MD, PhD
Kolokotrones University Professor of Global Health and Social
Medicine, Department of Global Health & Social Medicine,
Harvard Medical School
Gina McCarthy, MS
Director, Center for Climate Health and the Global Environment
(C- CHANGE), Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health
Former Administrator of EPA
Aaron Bernstein, MD, MPH
Instructor in Pediatrics, Harvard Medical School
Co-Director, Center for Climate Health and the...

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2018 Apr 12

HST Student Forum

2:00pm to 6:15pm


TMEC Atrium - Poster Session, TMEC 209 - Presentation
2018 Apr 12

Harold Amos Mentorship Lecture

12:30pm to 1:30pm


Waterhouse Room, First Floor, Gordon Hall

"Standing on the Shoulders of Giants"

Alden M. Landry, MD, MPH

Recipient of the Michael Shannon, MD, MPH, Excellence in Mentoring Award


2018 Apr 13

Robert H. Ebert Lecture

12:30pm to 2:00pm


Carl W. Walter Amphitheater, Tosteson Medical Education Center, Harvard Medical School

"Growth from Inauspiciousness: From Harlem to Harvard to Hedge Fund"

Luis A. Moreno, Jr., MD, HMS ‘98

Co-Founder, Chairman and Chief Medical Officer of ScribeAmerica

2018 Mar 27


3:00pm to 4:00pm


Gordon Hall, Waterhouse Room 25 Shattuck Street, Boston | Harvard Medical School
Sierra L. Washington, MD, MSc, FACOG (HMS ’04) “The Global Gag on Women’s Reproductive Health”
2018 Mar 15

Across the Generations: Epidemiology and Public Health Approaches to the Opioid Epidemic in West Virginia

12:45pm to 1:35pm


TMEC 250

Open to all HMS students.

The Essentials II faculty, Emma Eggleston, MD, MPH and Angie Gray, BSN, RN, host:

West Virginia suffers from the highest rate of drug overdose mortality in the US, largely driven by the opioid epidemic. The talk will provide an overview of the data and trends of opioid use and overdose in WV; discuss social determinants of opioid use and the impact of the epidemic on families and communities; and examine public health approaches, including primary prevention, secondary prevention, and harm reduction.

2018 Mar 12

Making The Transition From Student To Resident

1:00pm to 5:00pm


Armenise Amphitheatre D

Seminar Covers:

  • Insurance and Financial Planning
  • Financial Wellness for Residents
  • Panel Discussion on Transitioning into Residency
2018 Aug 15

How I Chose My Specialty

6:00pm to 7:30pm

A panel of 4th year students and residents from various fields will discuss how they made their specialty choices and the thought processes that were behind them.
2019 Apr 11


6:15pm to 8:30pm


TMEC Atrium
2018 May 16

Introduction to Internship

6:00pm to 7:30pm



This is a panel discussion by residents from all the major specialties on practical and “need to know” information about internship year.

Topics will include- first day and first few weeks of internship, responsibilities of an intern, useful technologies, surprises of...

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